International Directory of Verified Safe Spaces - Small Funny Letterpress Pocket Notebooks, Journals, Moleskines, Cahiers

8.15 GBP
International Directory of Verified Safe Spaces is designed for the travelling Social Justice activist who needs to be able to access a safe space at short notice in any city they may be travelling through, in the event that they encounter a microaggression on a street corner or are triggered by a troglodyte bigot.

+ Letterpress printed title
+ Pink softcover
+ Cover Size: 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches; 90 mm x 140 mm
+ Notebook Thickness: 5 mm
+ 64 pages / 32 sheets
+ Lined / ruled pages
+ Cover thickness is 350 gsm
+ Singer sewn binding / stitched binding

The price includes untracked Airmail to any location worldwide.